Vaaka Cadence Sensors - Bluetooth or Ant+ Syncing:

The new Bluetooth sensor will sync with most Smart Phone Apps that allow for cadence measurements. Wahoo, Digifit, Strava etc.
The Ant+ version will sync with any watch or device that has this feature available.

These are lightweight, wireless, electronic sensors that provide real-time stroke rate feedback and distance per stroke analysis to athletes and coaches for Kayaking, Canoeing, Outrigger paddling, Dragonboating, StandUp Paddle Boarding and Rowing .

Vaaka cadence sensors send stroke rate data wirelessly for display on ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible GPS devices.

Stroke rate data is displayed on the compatible GPS device and logged alongside the GPS data, time, speed, heartrate and distance allowing more specific feedback during training and easy access to post training analysis of cadence and distance per stroke on our Vaaka Analytics software.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” (Deming)

Because boat speed is a product of stroke rate and distance per stroke these are the two most important metrics to measure and manage for improved performance. Vaaka sensors allow athletes and coaches to see stroke rate data during training and the Vaaka Analytics software will automatically calculate distance per stroke for post training analysis making it possible to measure and monitor incremental improvements in performance.

Vaaka is a first of its kind kayak cadence sensor which enables paddlers to see their real-time strokes per minute while in the boat.

It communicates directly with not only Garmin's forerunner and Edge GPS watches but also any device that receives and interprets ANT+ wireless technology.

Vaaka is light weight (55g) easily attaches in seconds onto any paddle, split or one piece and starts transmitting cadence information as soon as it starts moving.

So what is so great about Vaaka?

Ease of use with quick attachment to paddle and easy transfer to alternative paddles when required
Real time cadence feedback while paddling
Integration with ANT+ compliant sports GPS watches such as Garmin and Timex
Ability to combine cadence with GPS data such as speed and distance and with other ANT+ data such as heart rate
Hassle free function. Once paired with your ANT+ device will turn itself on and off automatically
Very low power usage. With daily use, one standard AAA alkaline battery will last up to a year
Incredibly durable waterproof casing, engineered to withstand UV, sweat and saltwater
What are the real world applications for this type of technology?

Ability to structure training sessions around cadence
Use of kayak cadence to identify training intensity with correlation to heart rate and perceived exertion
Use of cadence feedback to develop 'quick arms' and the ability to sustain higher cadence paddling
Use of cadence data to slow the paddling stroke while maintaining speed for improved efficiency
Logged data for post training analysis

Research – Why is cadence data so important to paddlers? (click here)

In recent years coaches in various sports have start to understand the importance of cadence and performance. By controlling your cadence you can achieve optimal efficiency in power and endurance; paddle fast and you exhaust your aerobic capacity, paddle slow and you create high muscular load causing fatigue.

Coaching - Can cadence identify poor technique/equipment? (click here)

By controlling your cadence and analysing your boat speed (GPS devices provide this **) inferences can be made about the benefit of changes in technique and equipment. This indirect analysis gives results based feedback of any changes you make as well as a comparison between different athlete characteristics.

Congratulations to Lisa Carrington (NZ) - Five Gold medals over three World Cup regattas in 2013. Lisa trains with a Vaaka Kayak Cadence Sensor.