rain… wind…. temperature falling…. PERFECT! 

Sharkskin is a revolutionary technical water sports garment suitable for many different active water sports. Sharkskin garments come in a large range of both sizes and styles providing the equivalent warmth of a 2.5 – 3mm neoprene wetsuit.
Even on a warm day wind chill can quickly cool you down. Unlike conventional wetsuits, the windproof membrane in Sharkskin acts not only  to keep the wind out, but also breathes to reduce overheating. The inner layer maintains warmth and also wicks away moisture for added comfort.
Sharkskin’s 4-way stretch material combined with a carefully designed multi-panel cut for both men and women provides a superior body hugging, comfortable, non-restrictive fit along with easy donning and doffing. Sharkskin is also odour and itch resistant, non chaffing, has outstanding sun protection (UPF 30+), is abrasion resistant, mildew resistant, lightweight and dries much faster than neoprene.
Sharkskin is the product of choice for water sports enthusiasts who enjoy their sport all-year-round ….. Regardless of the forecast!

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Sharkskin Suit

The Sharkskin suit has many uses providing full body protection from cold, sun and marine stingers. The suit is designed to completely replace your wetsuit in warmer waters. The additional benefit of neutral buoyancy characteristics will increase your comfort level whilst snorkelling or scuba diving as less weight needs to be worn. The Sharkskin suit is so versatile that after your tropical diving adventure it can even be worn as a dry suit undergarment in colder waters.
It is suggested that additional protection such as hood, gloves & socks be worn in areas where marine stingers may be present.

Sharkskin Long & Short Sleeve Shirts

Both the long and short sleeve vests are perfect worn as stand alone garments although they are still suitable for use under a bib & brace wetsuit configuration. The high yet comfortable neck has a soft neoprene seal to prevent water from waves and wind entering the garment. Sleeves provide additional protection from cold and sun while preventing chaffing around the shoulders and arms especially when a PFD is worn.

Sharkskin Shirt (with Zip)

Similar in design as the standard Sharkskin Short Sleeve Shirt, but with a Zip added for extra convenience in Summer.l warmth and protection from wind-chill.

Sharkskin Chesty Vest

Designed for enthusiasts who demand maximum mobility without sacrificing comfort. Large arm sockets and a low-cut neck line protect the body’s core while allowing maximum mobility for strenuous exercise. The chesty vest can be worn as either a stand-alone garment or even underneath a wetsuit providing additional warmth and protection from wind-chill.

Sharkskin Paddling Pants & Shorts

Cut with a high rear waist, these pants are designed to provide exceptional comfort and fit when worn in a seated position. Even if you are protected from the elements by a deck or skirt these pants provide protection from chaffing when dry and peace of mind that if you do get wet you will still be warm. Sharkskin paddling pants can be worn in combination with all other Sharkskin garments. Paddling Pants & Shorts have unisex sizing.

Sharkskin Hood

Designed to be worn either with other Sharkskin products or conventional wetsuits this product offers a non-restrictive comfortable option to traditional neoprene. Cut with a generous sized bib, the Sharkskin hood tucks under the collar of the primary suit. Sharkskin hoods have unisex sizing.

Sharkskin Socks

Designed to protect your feet from the cold while still allowing them to breath. Protects feet from chaffing inside wet shoes or boots. Sharkskin socks have unisex sizing.



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