Calf, Body and Paddle Leash

A very strong and adaptable leash, especially designed for Ocean Ski and Surf Ski Paddlers with safety in mind.

The Patented 'XM PowerClip' Safety Release is second to none.

No more fumbling around for the ends of velcro straps. This is a very positive, easy to find and natural release system which works when you are under pressure.

Padded Soft finish on all items so that your ocean or surf ski does not get scratched or damaged when getting back on.

Your choice of Calf Leash, Body Leash or Paddle Leash, all in one simple easy to use system which is interchangeable to suit your requirements.

Anyone who has come off a ski when paddling offshore knows that this is a MUST HAVE piece of safety gear.

When the wind blows and you come off, you quickly get separated from your ski.
Designed to be as unobtrusive as possible with the Patented XM PowerClip Quick Release System ensuring you separate yourself from your ski only when YOU want to.


Calf strap with XM PowerClip quick release and velcro closure to ensure you only stay attached when you want to.

Body belt that goes around your waist. An unobtrusive method of attaching yourself to your ocean or surfski.

Short Paddle Leash option which goes from your wrist to your paddle so that it does not tangle with any other leash you may be using.