Paddling is terrific fun. With the proper training and experience, it is a very safe and accessible sport for everyone to enjoy. However, we see news reports about paddlers who ran into trouble when their craft capsized and they were unequipped for self-rescue. In other cases, the weather blew up unexpectedly and put the paddler into a life-threatening situation.

The Lifeline is the perfect safety solution for paddlers.


Personal location devices are very topical in the sailing community at the moment. There was a accident in the last fastnet race where rambler 100 capsized and 5 crew were swept away and very nearly not found, even though the boat was in the middle of a racing fleet and they all saw other yachts sailing nearby. A personal EPIRB did save the day, but only just. A few Lifelines among the crew would have made a totally different story. Sailors do take safety seriously.

The Lifeline is;
(a) good for safety
(b) has good every day uses
(c) can be charged by USB (easy on a boat)
Why would any serious sailor go sailing without a Lifeline??

Aquatic Adventurers:

Use it to chat to your boats or buddies in the their kayaks or canoes with the push of the green button. Need help? Push the red button to send an alert message and your position to boats within 4000 square miles. It provides true peace of mind for everyone on the water including divers, kiteboarders, sailors, paddlers, commercial mariners, jet skis, canoeing, coastal cruising and more.

Commercial Goverment:

Towboats, commercial fishing vessels, supply boats, crew boats and passenger ships all have one thing in common: a crewmember falling over the side is a critical and sometimes life threatening situation. Tough, Depth rated to 425 feet with the lid closed. No other radio comes close to this kind of watertight integrity. It's even tough enough to drive over with a truck- although we highly recommend against doing this as it will void your warranty!