Vajda - Ocean Racing Skis:

Vadja Hawx :

Vajda Group presents brand new Surf Ski model HAWX.

HAWX brings new construction elements in many areas and technical details:

- flat hull makes downwind surfing easier than ever before
- moved center of gravity for better acceleration on the wave
- better stability
- improved seat shape
- 2 way diffuser

Download the full Vadja Hawx Specs PDF


Vadja Orca Range:


Front hull shape
Designed with enough volume and depth to prevent over topping of water into cockpit when paddling downwind while still being narrow enough for an effective catch. The small amount of front rocker allows maneuverability while maximizing hull speed and run ideal for large ocean swell, river racing, harbor racing and flat conditions.

A super fast hull designed for maximum flat water speed with a comfortable cockpit you can sit in for hours. Primary stability is excellent with out compromise of the paddling position, allowing the boat to sit flat on its running spot, skipping over ocean chop without the loss of an efficient paddling stroke.

Back hull shape
Round tail with small amount of rocker allows the ski to lift well with large ocean swell from behind. It does not sink or grab, creating unnecessary drag when going into the wind like some competitor boats.

Comfort, Technology
Cockpit allows superior comfort that you can paddle for hours. Super stiff foot bar and responsive steering allows for maximum leg drive while still allowing you to put the ski where you need it to be when racing downwind or in a pack.

Custom design
Custom colours, rudders and other specialized fittings are available upon request.

Vadja Oscar Range:

Intoducing the NEW Vadja Surfski, designed for stability and comfort for beginners and intermediate paddlers in all conditions.


Ocean racing
Intended paddling environment
Open Ocean / Downwind Racing/River or Harbour Marathons

Minimum paddler weight - 50 kg 110 lbs

Maximum paddler weight - 120 kg 264 lbs

Model Length Width Connstruction Weight
Orca Racing 650cm 21'6''
42cm 16.5'' Carbon/Kevlar /Nomex Technology 15kg (33lbs.)
Orca Elite 650cm 21'6' 42cm 16.5" Carbon/Kevlar /Nomex Technology 11.5kg (25lbs)

Orca Elite Pro

650cm 21'6' 42cm 16.5" Carbon/Kevlar /Nomex Technology 9.5kg (21lbs.)
Oscar Racing 559cm 53cm Carbon/Kevlar /Nomex Technology 15kg (33lbs)
Eckstein Spec Ski SLS App. SLS App. Carbon/Kevlar /Nomex Technology. SLS Approved. 18kg (33lbs)

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We can taylor a package to suit your specific fitness paddling or ski racing requirements :

Vajda Hawx - Ocean Racing Ski:

Vajda Oscar - Ocean Racing Ski:

Vajda Orca - Ocean Racing Ski:

Orca Training:

Orca Racing:

Orca Elite:


Vajda - Eckstein Spec Ski: SLS Approved.