The secret to keeping warm is to keep the cold off your chest and back. This windbreaker does just that with the material being wind and waterproof! We had to put a zip in, to be able to let off steam half way through the session as this sleeveless windbreaker gets HOT!

Navy blue

• Sleeveless wind and waterproof material
• Small collar to keep your neck warm
• Chest zip (doesn’t go all the way down) to let off some heat
• Reflective trim for running and night time paddling

Only wash this garment with your slops on because when you pull it out of the washing machine it often brings a pocket of water with it. Rinsing the zip helps keep it running smoothly. 

This windbreaker is a must have for any sports person. It is great for paddling (obviously), running, cycling, hiking and anything else really. This windbreaker is lightweight, stops the wind getting to you and when you take it off can roll up into a ball smaller than your fist. The half moon low cut keeps even your lower back covered. This garment is so comfortable you don’t even know you are wearing it.

• Light weight material
• Wind resistant
• Easy to fold up and store while exercising.
• Half moon lower back cut, to keep the small of your back warm when leaning forward to paddle or cycle

Don’t let your friends borrow this garment; you probably won’t get it back.