FINISH TIME This is the 'Actual Paddle Time' that a participant takes to complete the course and is used to calculate the 'Overall' results and Fastest Time for the course.

This is the time from the start of the first paddler in the event to when each participant crosses the finish line. This is used to calculate the Handicap Results.

The Handicap Factor is to be taken off this time to find the paddlers 'Actual' paddle time.

DIFFERENCE The variation in the time taken by each paddler from the time of the 1st place getter, expressed in minutes.
% BACK The Time difference from the 1st place getter, expressed as in %age terms
% OF WINNING TIME This is each participants time expressed as a % using the first place getter as 100%

This is each participants variation from the Average Field Time which is then expressed as 0%

This takes out the variations from having fields with very strong winners in one event and average winners in others. Over time this should give a better guide to participants on how their training regime is compared with the rest of the field. Improvements will show as a + or - based on the average time of the whole field and will take out the wild variations that occur when a top line participant wins the eventand is not in the field at another.


This is the actual time difference that a participant was given against the first starter in the field.

The first or slowest participant will start at 0:00 (when the Clock Time is started) whilst faster participants will start in subsequent waves depending on their average speeds which are based on prior performances.

KM / HOUR This is the average speed based on the set course distance and assumes all participants take the same course.